I’m elliott; i’m currently a student at the university of tennessee. i am finishing up work at lawrence berkeley national lab and oak ridge national lab this semester, and plan on graduating this may (2021). i am majoring in computer science and physics, and hail from the mule capital of the world and hometown of james k polk (the only president to keep all of his campaign promises) – columbia tennessee.



  • being in nature – running long distance, backpacking, rock climbing, and anything else outside
  • physics and computer science – these are my majors, but they’re also really cool subjects. i’ve mostly focused on computational physics with gaussian process regression, machine learning digital signal processing, and digital signal processing algorithms
  • baking/cooking – I really like to eat, and i’m cheap
  • languages, esp. portuguese and french – i’ve had brazilian roommates for a few years, and i dated a brazilian woman, so i learned some portuguese. i also am learning french so that i could go to school at the university of grenoble -alpes (fingers crossed)
  • books – I mostly like Russians, exp. Dostoevsky and Gogol
  • chess – I am bad at it, but it’s still fun.